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YouTube star Matt Rife accused of juggling multiple relationships simultaneously, exposed by a group of women



Allegations of love-bombing, insults, and controversial remarks plague comedian Matt Rife as women unite against him

YouTube personality Matt Rife, known for his controversial Netflix special and questionable remarks, is facing a new wave of accusations. Podcaster Brooke Schofield claims to be part of a WhatsApp group consisting of seven women who all allege they were dating Rife simultaneously. Schofield, a co-host of the podcast ‘Cancelled with Tana Mongeau,’ alleges that Rife engaged in love-bombing during their relationship, abruptly withdrawing affection later. The group of women, comparing timelines and sharing experiences, shed light on Rife’s alleged juggling act.

Schofield recounts her experience, stating, “He was initiating conversations like, ‘I haven’t felt this way about anybody in so long.’ It’s love-bombing, but I had lost all of my marbles at that point.” After their breakup, Schofield noted that Rife had been respectful and understanding. However, the situation turned awkward when Rife appeared on the podcast without acknowledging their history. This prompted Schofield to connect with another woman through TikTok, leading to the formation of a WhatsApp group to expose Rife.

The controversy deepened after Rife’s appearance on the Stiff Socks podcast, where he made offensive remarks about his preferences regarding his partner’s genitals. Schofield, expressing her outrage, revealed her ‘outie’ vagina, emphasizing the hurtful impact of Rife’s comments. The comedian’s alleged insensitive remarks continued as he reportedly told a six-year-old that his mother buys Christmas gifts with funds from her OnlyFans account.


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