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Bride contemplates ‘no show fee’ after ten guests bail on wedding, internet divided over the controversial move



Australian bride faces dilemma after absent guests leave her scrambling – should a ‘no show fee’ be the answer?

Planning a wedding can be a rollercoaster, but for one Australian bride, the ride took an unexpected turn when ten confirmed guests decided to bail at the last minute. Faced with the dilemma of covering their seats after confirming numbers and settling a hefty bill, the bride contemplated a controversial solution – charging a ‘no show fee’ to the absentees.

In a candid discussion on the She’s on the Money podcast, the bride shared her frustration, revealing that she had already paid $12,426 for the venue, with the recent cancellations potentially leaving her out of pocket by $1,336. The guests, citing travel expenses as the reason for canceling, had initially RSVP’d yes after receiving save-the-dates 18 months prior.

Listeners of the podcast found themselves divided, with 51 percent leaning towards supporting the bride’s potential move and 49 percent opposing it. Those in favor argued that the guests should have known better and must take responsibility for their actions, while dissenting voices suggested opting for a more budget-friendly wedding if cost was a concern.

As the internet debates the ethics of imposing a ‘no show fee’ on wedding guests, the bride is left grappling with a tough decision that mirrors the complexities often associated with planning the big day.


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