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Bridal nightmare: Newlywed chaos unfolds as deportation cops nab groom, 27, just seconds after ‘I do,’ leaving tearful bride, 40, in shock



In a shocking turn of events, a tearful bride, Gundula B., found herself in distress after immigration authorities arrested her Kurdish groom, Hamza, during their wedding ceremony. The dramatic incident unfolded at Vosendorf Castle, just outside Vienna, leaving the couple’s plans shattered.

Critics are slamming the Austrian police for their controversial actions, accusing them of disrupting what should have been a joyous occasion. Reports from local media suggest that immigration officials suspect the marriage was a scheme for Hamza to secure residency following the recent denial of his asylum request.

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Gundula, a 40-year-old German-born academic residing in Vienna for 17 years, was reportedly treated for shock at a hospital after witnessing her fiance being taken into custody. Alongside her lawyer, Gregor Klemm, she is urgently seeking Hamza’s release to prevent his potential deportation.

A motion has already been filed, arguing that the immigration police’s actions were disproportionate and violated Gundula’s rights and basic principles of decency. The complaint contends that the arrest devalued a “unique life event” and was a violation of personal rights.

Lawyer Klemm strongly criticises the authorities, claiming their actions were heavy-handed and unlawful. He points to a 2018 decision by the administrative court that deemed such practices as unlawful, asserting that they haven’t been employed for two decades.

The arrest occurred during the wedding ceremony, with the bride expressing her right to marry as officers intervened. The incident took place during the couple’s chosen wedding song, Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” adding an additional layer of emotional distress.

Hamza, who has been in Austria since 2022, received a negative asylum decision merely ten days before the planned wedding. Gundula emphasises Hamza’s character, describing him as a “sweet, sensitive man,” and expresses the overall tragedy of the situation.

As the story unfolds, Austrian authorities are yet to comment on the controversial arrest. Speculation remains about the possibility of Hamza’s deportation within days, adding further turmoil to an already heart-wrenching episode. This incident echoes a recent case where a bride was arrested on her wedding day for alleged extortion before even cutting the cake, highlighting the unexpected twists that can occur during what should be a joyous celebration.


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