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Bravery and compassion Prevail: Quick-thinking cops save 5-year-old shot in leg drama



Volusia Sheriff’s office heroes act swiftly to rescue young girl in Deltona gun mishap

In a heart-stopping turn of events on Boxelder Street, Deltona, Florida, police officers from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office have earned commendation for their rapid response that saved the life of a five-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself in the leg.

Responding to a distress call on Saturday afternoon (December 16), officers discovered that the child had accessed a shotgun concealed under a family member’s bed, resulting in the unfortunate incident. Despite the gravity of the situation, the child remained conscious but was visibly injured.

Body camera footage shared by the Sheriff’s Office, although partially blurred for privacy and sensitivity reasons, captures the officers, namely Deputies Maletto, Kagle, Williams, Estrada, and Rodriguez, providing emergency first-aid to the wounded child. Their quick actions included administering aid, applying a tourniquet, and swiftly transporting her to Deltona Fire Rescue.

The child was subsequently rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital, where medical staff credited the officers’ rapid response and tourniquet application with saving her life. Sheriff Mike Chitwood praised the officers for their exceptional and compassionate efforts, announcing plans to award medals for their heroic actions.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation on social media, with many users emphasizing the importance of responsible gun ownership, especially when it comes to preventing children from accessing firearms. Chitwood, sharing the video on social media, expressed his pride in the department and gratitude for the deputies’ decisive action.

While the child is expected to recover, the incident remains under police investigation. The authorities have yet to make any arrests, and the findings will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for review.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder for gun owners to secure their firearms diligently, with social media users echoing the sentiment: “Lock up your firearms, folks.”


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