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Wednesday May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024

Body paint backlash at the gym: Outrage over unorthodox attire and double standards



In a bid to test reactions, influencer Natalie Reynolds donned body paint mimicking a pair of jeans and a top for a gym session, sparking an unexpected confrontation. Within moments of her arrival, a gym-goer reprimanded her, stating she wasn’t appropriately dressed.

Despite Natalie’s assertion that she was clothed, the man, claiming expertise from the entertainment industry, contested otherwise. Social media erupted with divided opinions, some siding with Natalie’s experiment while others criticized her attire, arguing that “painted pants aren’t real pants.”

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The controversy escalated when Natalie received a community note on X, suggesting her outfit breached gym decorum and posed a hygiene risk. Natalie defended herself by referencing male YouTubers wearing body paint and critiquing bodybuilder attire, sparking further debate on body positivity and appropriate gym attire.

However, dissenters argued that Natalie’s comparison wasn’t valid, emphasizing that her outfit didn’t align with standard gym wear. This incident follows another controversy where Kerry Rose Shwartz faced discomfort at an all-women’s gym due to a dress code issue, highlighting the ongoing debate surrounding gym attire standards and body shaming.


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