Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Billionaire Hermès heir shocks world: Awards $11 billion fortune to longtime gardener



Nicolas Puech, Swiss Mogul, chooses unlikely heir in unprecedented move

In an unprecedented and heartwarming gesture, billionaire Nicolas Puech, an 80-year-old scion of the iconic Hermès fashion empire, has set tongues wagging by allegedly planning to adopt his 51-year-old longtime gardener and bestow upon him the staggering inheritance of his $11.6 billion fortune.

Puech, a fifth-generation descendant of the Hermès dynasty and one of Switzerland’s wealthiest individuals, is reportedly taking ’employee perks’ to an extraordinary level by designating his former gardener as the sole beneficiary of his colossal wealth. This move follows Puech’s resignation from the Hermès family amid tensions triggered by luxury rivals LVMH acquiring a share of Hermès in 2014.

According to Swiss company Tribune de Genève, Puech, who never married or had children, is navigating the legal complexities of adopting his former gardener, a crucial step in the inheritance process. The former employee, currently residing in Spain with a family of his own, is said to be at the center of Puech’s plans to inherit real estate, including properties in Morocco, Marrakesh, and Switzerland.

However, the adoption process may face legal hurdles, as Swiss law traditionally requires a pre-existing relationship with the adoptee during their childhood. Puech’s commitment to altering the terms of his fortune, previously dedicated to the Isocrates foundation to combat misinformation, could further complicate matters. The foundation, in a statement to Fortune, vehemently opposes any unilateral cancellation of the inheritance contract, setting the stage for a potential legal showdown.


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