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Biden escalates rhetoric against China, calls policies ‘xenophobic’ during campaign



Amid U.S. Economic measures against Chinese imports, President Biden sharpens his verbal stance in a Pennsylvania speech

In a strategic campaign move, U.S. President Joe Biden branded China as “xenophobic,” criticizing its economic and social policies during a speech at the United Steelworkers Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The President’s remarks come amidst growing tensions between the U.S. and China, particularly concerning economic disparities and trade policies.

President Biden’s statements were part of a broader argument to bolster the U.S. economy’s image, juxtaposing it against China’s current economic challenges. “They’ve got a population that is more people in retirement than working. They’re not importing anything. They’re xenophobic — nobody else coming in. They’ve got real problems,” Biden explained, highlighting the demographic and economic issues facing China.

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This campaign stop in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania also saw Biden advocating for increased tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminium. The proposed tariffs, which include a new 25% levy on certain products, aim to protect the American steel industry from foreign competition, notably from China’s expansive steel production capabilities.

Simultaneously, Biden’s administration announced a formal investigation into China’s shipbuilding industry, a move criticized by China’s Commerce Ministry as politically motivated and filled with inaccuracies. The U.S. stance has been clear, with Biden reiterating the need to safeguard national interests from potential economic threats posed by Chinese policies.

Furthermore, the President took this opportunity to contrast his administration’s approach with that of former President Donald Trump, criticizing Trump’s handling of U.S.-China relations. “Trump simply doesn’t get it,” Biden stated, dismissing the notion that China is ascending while the U.S. declines. He emphasized that his policies would not negatively impact his diplomatic relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, despite the aggressive economic stance.

Amid these policy announcements, Biden also reaffirmed his commitment to restricting China’s access to advanced U.S. technology, such as computer chips, citing national security concerns. “They can’t be sent to China because it would undermine our national security,” Biden asserted during his discussions with Xi.

The President’s remarks reflect a strategic shift in his administration’s approach to China, signalling a tougher stance as he ramps up his campaign efforts. This comes at a time when both nations are navigating complex economic and geopolitical landscapes, with the U.S. aiming to strengthen its economic sovereignty while addressing global challenges posed by China’s policies.


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