Friday, July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024

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NATO accuses china of enabling Russia’s war in Ukraine

NATO issues stern rebuke, labeling China as a significant supporter of Moscow's actions amid growing global tensions

China and Russia assert ‘tectonic shifts’ in global politics at SCO Summit

Leaders of China and Russia advocate for multipolarity and regional autonomy at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting

China’s change-6 returns with rare moon rocks from side exploration

China celebrates successful return of lunar samples, marking significant milestone in space exploration

Australia’s rock lobster industry awaits China trade ban lift following premier’s visit

Trade minister predicts an end to China's ban on Australian lobsters, marking a significant step towards stabilizing bilateral relations

China celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with a 3-day holiday

People engage in festive activities across the country, highlighting cultural traditions and tourism

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