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Bianca Censori allegedly manipulating Kanye West to boost fame, insider claims



insider disputes rumours of West influencing Censori’s wardrobe choices, asserting her autonomy in decision-making

A recent report has sparked speculation about Bianca Censori allegedly leveraging her marriage to Kanye West as a means to elevate her own fame, with claims suggesting she may be manipulating the rapper to achieve this goal.

Contrary to rumours circulating, an insider disclosed to Page Six that West isn’t dictating Censori’s wardrobe choices. Instead, it’s asserted that Censori herself is behind her daring fashion statements, exercising her creative autonomy.

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The source clarified, emphasizing Censori’s multifaceted talents, stating, “People are confusing Bianca’s creativity. She is a phenomenal personality, a phenomenal actor, who can entertain the public. She’s a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is.”

Regarding a recent controversial outfit worn by Censori, her musical collaborator Malik Yusef emphasized that it was Censori’s initiative to generate buzz through her fashion choices.

Addressing the notion of Censori using West as a tool for her own gain, the insider suggested, “Maybe she’s using him as her puppet.”

However, it was emphasized that Censori’s parents are supportive of her relationship with West, indicating familial approval. Additionally, it was highlighted that Censori independently decides her attire, with Malik Yusef sharing insights into their collaborative approach to fashion experimentation.

“She [Bianca] makes her own decisions on how to dress. I think [she and West] experiment together and say, ‘Hey, this is beautiful,'” Malik shared.


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