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Below Deck shocker: Reality show doctor arrested for identity theft and prescription drug scheme



Dr. Francis Martinis and wife accused of illegally obtaining prescription drugs using cast members’ identities

In a startling turn of events, Dr. Francis Martinis, a urologist who gained fame on the reality TV series Below Deck, has been arrested alongside his wife, Jessica, on charges of stealing the identities of fellow cast members and orchestrating an illegal scheme to acquire prescription drugs.

Law enforcement officials reveal that the allegations stem from an elaborate plan to obtain oxycodone prescriptions, with the couple accused of using personal information from other Below Deck cast members.

The unfolding drama began earlier this year when Jessica, also a participant in the Bravo reality show franchise, attempted to fill a questionable oxycodone prescription at a Kings Park pharmacy in January. A vigilant pharmacist raised concerns about the handwritten prescription, leading to a subsequent police investigation.

Investigators discovered that Dr. Martinis had allegedly sent numerous fake oxycodone prescriptions to Suffolk County pharmacies over a two-year period, using the names of two TV series members. Jessica, as part of the alleged scheme, reportedly picked up the prescriptions over an extended period, paying in cash.

Arrested in May, the couple faces charges of eight counts of criminal sale of controlled substances and falsifying business records. While the pair denies the accusations, New York Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni emphasized the seriousness of the charges, stating, “He abused the celebrity position that he had on that ship to take the identities of his crew members.”

Prosecutors aim to send a strong message to physicians about the consequences of abusing their access to drugs. The investigation has yet to reveal whether the couple was using or reselling the obtained drugs, or both.

Peter A. Crusco, the attorney representing the couple, countered the charges, stating, “The evidence will show the charges are bogus and cannot be substantiated.”

The couple is scheduled to appear in court today (14 December), marking a shocking development in the aftermath of their reality show stardom.


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