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Apple watch heroics: student’s wearable device alerts emergency services, saves life in carbon monoxide crisis



Delaware University student, Natalia nasatka, rescued by apple watch SOS feature during gas leak emergency

A Delaware University student, Natalia Nasatka, credits her Apple Watch for saving her life during a carbon monoxide poisoning incident. Nasatka, feeling extremely exhausted and with blurry vision in her Smyrna apartment on 29 December, used her Apple Watch’s SOS button when too weak to reach her phone.

 The SOS feature triggered a call to 911, prompting firefighters to rush to Nasatka’s apartment. They discovered her unconscious in bed, and she was swiftly evacuated. Nasatka later learned that a carbon monoxide leak caused her unconsciousness, with readings at an extremely high level of ’80 parts per million.’

Carbon monoxide, an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas, poses severe health risks, leading to symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. It becomes lethal if undetected, binding with red blood cells and depriving the body of oxygen.

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Treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in the hospital, Nasatka returned home by New Year’s Day, reunited with her cat. Reflecting on the incident, she expressed gratitude for her Apple Watch, emphasizing how close she had been to a fatal outcome.

Nasatka suspects a faulty heater as the source of the gas, admitting she lacked a carbon monoxide alarm in her apartment. The Mayo Clinic highlights that burning fuels in poorly ventilated spaces can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster, Nasatka appreciates the significance of her survival, declaring that her purpose on Earth is not yet fulfilled. Her story serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of carbon monoxide detectors in preventing potential tragedies.


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