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Anya Taylor-Joy’s awkward encounter leaves fans cringing as she grapples with android selfie struggle



Star fumbles in attempt to capture fan moment, unleashing a viral wave of sympathy and chuckles

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In a recent fan interaction at Brazil’s Comic-Con, Anya Taylor-Joy, renowned for her roles and Apple allegiance, found herself in a moment of technological turmoil when attempting to take a selfie with a fan’s Android phone. The resulting awkward encounter has set tongues wagging and smartphones buzzing.

As seen in a video shared on X by user @ramon_png, Taylor-Joy graciously accepted the fan’s request for a selfie. However, the seemingly seamless task turned into a cringe-worthy episode as the actor, accustomed to the nuances of Apple devices, grappled with the unfamiliar Android territory.

In the video, Taylor-Joy, with an iPhone user’s habits, attempted to snap a picture using the side button, inadvertently locking the Android phone instead. Oblivious to the mishap, she handed the device back to the fan, leaving the intended selfie unfulfilled.

Undeterred, the fan, captured in the viral video, reopened the camera app and presented the phone once more to Taylor-Joy, pointing to the specific area for capturing the elusive moment. Unwittingly, the actor repeated the side button press, returning the phone sans selfie for the second time.

Taking to X, the disappointed fan shared the humorous misadventure, lamenting, “Imagine, you are lucky enough to have Anya Taylor-Joy take your cell phone to take a photo. And her bad luck MISSED THE BUTTON TO TAKE THE PHOTO TWICE, SWITCHING OFF HER CELL PHONE!!! Well, friends, it happened to me; I don’t have a photo with Anya Taylor-Joy because of her slowness lol.”

The comical episode, showcasing the pitfalls of transitioning between smartphone ecosystems, has left fans both amused and sympathetic, proving that even Hollywood stars grapple with the nuances of unfamiliar technology.


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