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Anton du Beke stands by Giovanni Pernice for joint tour amidst strict controversy



Anton du Beke’s decision to continue touring with Giovanni Pernice sparks fan support despite the dancer’s exit from strictly come dancing over allegations

Anton du Beke, renowned dancer and current judge on Strictly Come Dancing, has made headlines with his choice to proceed with a joint tour alongside Giovanni Pernice, despite the latter’s recent departure from the BBC show under controversial circumstances. Giovanni, who faced allegations regarding his conduct during rehearsals, was notably absent from the lineup of professional dancers for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing season.

The duo, known for their past collaborations including a travel show, announced their upcoming “3!!! TOGETHER TOUR” via an Instagram post from the account Strictly Theatre Co. The announcement promised an enchanting experience, showcasing their undeniable chemistry and exceptional talents on stage. Fans, showing unwavering support, expressed excitement and eagerness to attend their performances across various venues.

Giovanni Pernice had come under scrutiny following allegations of abusive behaviour and inappropriate training techniques from individuals who had worked with him. Despite these challenges, Giovanni has actively pursued ventures beyond his Strictly career. He launched a fragrance line named VITA, marketed as capturing the essence of Sicily with a tagline emphasizing sensuality and vitality. Additionally, Giovanni ventured into the candle business under the brand GP VITA, offering consumers a “unique fragrance experience” for their homes.

Moreover, Giovanni expanded his entrepreneurial endeavours by establishing Rock You Productions Ltd alongside Paul Irving, a move signalling his intent to broaden his influence within the entertainment industry.


  • Political Perspective: The decision by Anton du Beke to stand by Giovanni Pernice amidst controversy can be seen as a reflection of personal loyalty and professional solidarity within the entertainment industry. Politically, it underscores the complexities of managing public perception and maintaining alliances amid challenges.
  • Social Perspective: Socially, the support garnered by Anton and Giovanni for their joint tour highlights the resilience of fan loyalty and the power of celebrity endorsements. It showcases how individuals within the public eye navigate and capitalize on personal and professional relationships to sustain their careers.
  • Racial Perspective: The event doesn’t directly relate to racial issues.
  • Gender Perspective: Similarly, the event doesn’t directly relate to gender-specific issues.
  • Economic Perspective: Economically, Giovanni’s entrepreneurial ventures diversify his income streams beyond performance fees, demonstrating a proactive approach to financial sustainability in the competitive entertainment industry. The success of his fragrance and candle business ventures suggests a viable model for other artists seeking to monetize their brand beyond traditional avenues.

Anton du Beke’s decision to collaborate with Giovanni Pernice for their joint tour amidst controversy signifies a strategic move to maintain relevance and engage with supportive audiences. Beyond the confines of Strictly Come Dancing, the duo’s partnership underscores the resilience and adaptability required in navigating the evolving landscape of entertainment. Giovanni’s entrepreneurial ventures further highlight his proactive approach to business diversification, setting a precedent for leveraging personal brand equity beyond televised performances.


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