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Anton Danyluk clarifies relationship status with Hannah Elizabeth amidst dating rumours



Amid speculations, Love Island’s Anton Danyluk sets the record straight on his relationship with co-star Hannah Elizabeth, emphasizing a platonic bond.

Anton Danyluk, known from his stint on Love Island: All-Stars, recently addressed rumours about a potential romantic link with fellow contestant Hannah Elizabeth. The speculation intensified after the duo frequently appeared together on social media, sparking hopes among fans for a new Love Island couple. However, Anton took to his Instagram Stories during a Q&A session to clarify the nature of their relationship.

Responding to a fan’s query about dating Hannah, Anton expressed his deep admiration for her but firmly placed their relationship in the friend zone. “This girl deserves the absolute world and any man would be lucky to have her,” he stated, adding, “Unfortunately, that man is not myself. We are the best of friends but I am more like a brother.” This candid response from Anton highlights their close, familial bond, dismissing any notions of a romantic involvement.

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Hannah Elizabeth, echoing Anton’s sentiments, shared his response on her Instagram Stories with a heartfelt message, “Love youuu so much.” Her repost further cements the platonic nature of their relationship, confirming the mutual respect and affection they share without romantic implications.

The rumor mill around Anton and Hannah began after Anton’s apparent split from another Love Island alum, Georgia Harrison, earlier this month. Fans of the show were quick to pair him with Hannah due to their close interactions during and after the show. Despite the fan enthusiasm for a romantic narrative, both stars have consistently presented a united front as friends.

Elsewhere in the Love Island circle, another All Stars contestant, Eve Gale, has been making headlines with her budding relationship with Demi Sims from The Only Way Is Essex. Eve recently described their relationship as “very chilled,” focusing on enjoying each other’s company and seeing where things lead without rushing into labels.

Love Island, a hotbed for both fleeting romances and lasting friendships, continues to captivate audiences with the personal lives of its stars. As Anton and Hannah continue their journey post-show, their friendship stands as a testament to the complex and often misunderstood dynamics that can exist between reality TV stars.


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