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Amazon delivery driver accused of stealing £300 Christmas gift; CCTV captures the incident



Customer raises concerns over trust in couriers after Christmas Eve parcel theft

Derrick Naisbitt, a 52-year-old resident of Littleover, Derby, has issued a warning to the public after an Amazon delivery driver allegedly stole his wife’s £300 Christmas present. The incident, which occurred on Christmas Eve, left Rosemary Naisbitt without the intended gift meant to aid her mobility.

Derrick had placed a sign on his door instructing deliveries to be left at his neighbor’s house as he went out on Christmas Eve. Upon returning, he discovered that the parcel was neither in their rear garden nor with the neighbors. The missing gift, a Revitive Medic Circulation Booster valued at £289, was intended to provide relief for Rosemary’s tired and achy legs.

Fortunately, CCTV footage captured the incident, revealing a courier in a high-visibility jacket scanning the parcel, placing it down, taking a picture, and allegedly leaving with the parcel. Derrick expressed gratitude for the CCTV evidence, which allowed him to realize what had happened.

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Although Derrick received a replacement parcel, he expressed a loss of trust in couriers and fears a recurrence of the incident. Concerned that he might not be eligible for a replacement if it happens again, he shared his experience to caution others.

In response, Amazon stated, “We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers. We are investigating the incident.” Derrick emphasized that while he appreciates the replacement parcel, the primary concern is the trustworthiness of couriers and the need for accountability.

The incident raises questions about the security of doorstep deliveries and the reliability of delivery services, prompting customers to remain vigilant and consider additional security measures for valuable items.


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