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Youtuber’s $1,500 sandwich saga: Six months, DIY ingredients, and a bite of disappointment



How to make everything creator invests time and $1,500 crafting ultimate sandwich, but the verdict leaves him underwhelmed

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In a culinary odyssey that defies conventional sandwich crafting, YouTuber George, known as How To Make Everything, embarked on a six-month journey to create a $1,500 sandwich entirely from scratch. From milking a cow for cheese to growing vegetables, grinding wheat for flour, and even sacrificing a chicken, George spared no effort in his quest for the ultimate sandwich. However, the ambitious endeavor concluded with a surprising twist, as the YouTuber’s expectations were met with a bite of disappointment, raising questions about the true worth of a sandwich crafted over half a year.

George, the creator behind How To Make Everything, decided to push the boundaries of sandwich-making by investing six months and $1,500 in creating a sandwich entirely from scratch. The journey involved building a garden, collecting ocean water for salt, milking a cow, and even orchestrating the sacrifice of a chicken. The YouTuber showcased unwavering commitment to the endeavor, immersing himself in every aspect of sandwich creation, from growing ingredients to overcoming logistical challenges.

Despite the monumental effort invested in the sandwich’s creation, the final verdict was unexpectedly underwhelming. In the video documenting his culinary odyssey, George sampled his creation and remarked, “It’s not bad. It’s not bad. Six months of my life were… Not bad. Yeah.” The anticlimactic response raised questions about the true value of such an elaborate DIY culinary project and whether the pursuit of the ultimate sandwich was worth the time and financial investment.

While George’s $1,500 sandwich experiment showcased unparalleled dedication and creativity, the mixed verdict suggests that such DIY culinary endeavors may not become a widespread trend. The elaborate process involved in sourcing and creating each ingredient raises questions about the feasibility and practicality of attempting such endeavors on a larger scale. The video, however, provides entertainment and a unique perspective on the lengths one can go to in the pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

As the YouTuber reflects on the six-month journey to create the ultimate sandwich, the experience serves as a testament to the lengths individuals might go to push the boundaries of creativity. While the outcome may not have met soaring expectations, the legacy of George’s $1,500 sandwich adventure lies in the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the uncharted territories explored in the pursuit of culinary excellence.


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