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World’s most prolific film extra spills secrets on star-studded encounters



Jill Goldston’s six-decade career breaks records, including unconventional propositions from Hollywood icons

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While Hollywood’s leading stars often steal the spotlight, Jill Goldston, the world’s most prolific film extra, has shared insights into a life of fascinating encounters. With a career spanning six decades and a staggering 1,951 appearances, Goldston has been part of cinematic classics like The Elephant Man, Flash Gordon, and Aliens.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 80-year-old British actor reflected on her extraordinary career, describing it as “amazing” and “self-indulgent.” Despite her countless roles alongside renowned celebrities, Goldston remains relatively unknown to the public.

One memorable incident occurred during the filming of the 1981 movie Reds, where Goldston played a “dancing woman.” Directed and starring Warren Beatty, the film also featured Jack Nicholson. Goldston revealed that Beatty, despite his busy schedule, once propositioned her for a threesome with him and Nicholson. However, Goldston gracefully declined, citing her happy marriage.

Her journey into the film industry began as a dancer in her teenage years. Goldston’s transition to being a prolific film extra was marked by her desire to stay behind the scenes, with no aspirations for fame. Despite warnings about the competitiveness of the field, Goldston found it to be a “breeze.”

Her husband meticulously recorded her gigs, and the count eventually reached a record-breaking 1,951 appearances. Goldston emphasized the importance of extras in films, asserting, “Films would be very boring without extras.”

While the job brings unique challenges, such as being warned not to make eye contact with Tom Cruise, Goldston takes pride in being an integral part of the film industry. Her story sheds light on the often-overlooked contributions of extras, who bring depth and authenticity to cinematic worlds.


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