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World’s largest submersible Superyacht unveiled: a $2 billion underwater marvel



Migaloo’s submersible Superyacht sets a new standard in luxury exploration beneath the waves

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For those with a penchant for luxury exploration and a couple of billion dollars to spare, Migaloo, a renowned boat company, has introduced the world’s first submersible superyacht, redefining opulence and adventure beneath the ocean waves.

Migaloo’s submersible superyacht boasts an impressive length of 928 feet, dwarfing the British Royal Navy’s leading submarine, HMS Astute, which measures a mere 318 feet. The underwater marvel comes complete with a helipad, a swimming pool, a movie theatre, a wine cellar, a library, and a host of other extravagant features.

In terms of performance, Migaloo’s creation outpaces its military counterpart, capable of reaching speeds up to 40 knots when fully submerged. The superyacht submarines can stay submerged at a depth of 1500 feet for several weeks, offering an unparalleled underwater experience.

While private superyacht submarines are prohibited from carrying weapons, Migaloo ensures they are equipped with almost every luxury feature imaginable. The vessel can accommodate several jet-skis, two 52-foot long, six-person mini-submarines, and even a helicopter. Multiple underwater viewing rooms provide guests with a captivating glimpse of marine life.

The interior of the submersible superyacht is equally extravagant, featuring a 36-seat dining room with glass walls, allowing guests to dine while fully submerged in the mesmerizing underwater world. The private living quarters for the owner span an impressive 6889 square feet, complemented by 3280 square feet of reception areas and 1312 square feet of guest accommodation.

Christian Gumpold, founder and CEO of Migaloo, estimates the cost of these superyacht submarines to be upwards of $2 billion. Gumpold believes that private submarines represent the future of yachting, catering to an evolving clientele that seeks extraordinary and unique designs.

“We think a private submarine will be the most exclusive and most expensive thing a person can own,” Gumpold shared. “We are the only company worldwide which offers superyacht-sized private submarines.”

As a testament to their commitment to pioneering aquatic luxury, Migaloo has also introduced floating islands known as Kokomo Ailand. These floating paradises can travel at up to nine miles per hour and offer a beach club, living quarters, and boat functionalities all in one luxurious package, priced at €300 million (£267m).

Migaloo envisions a future where living on and with the sea becomes a mega-trend, and these submersible superyachts open up new possibilities for underwater exploration and extravagant lifestyles beneath the waves


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