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Woman’s morning surprise – a cool £64 million in the bank



Maybank mishap leaves customer with a digital fortune, but access denied

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 In a plot twist that could rival a Hollywood blockbuster, a Malaysian woman, Hafidzah Abdullah, woke up to a staggering £64 million surprise in her bank account. The catch? It was more digital mirage than a financial jackpot.

Checking her bank balance turned into a heart-pounding experience for Hafidzah, who discovered her account flashing an unexpected £64 million. However, the joy was short-lived as accessing this newfound wealth proved as elusive as a winning lottery ticket.

Maybank, Malaysia’s fourth-largest lender, played the unwitting role in this financial fiasco, leaving Hafidzah less than impressed with her unexpected ‘windfall.’ Venting her frustration on November 29, Hafidzah took to social media with a scathing post, dubbing her banking escapade with Maybank as ‘memorable.’

In a letter that could rival a Shakespearean tragedy, she sarcastically wrote, “Dear Maybank, I appreciate your making my banking experience memorable.”

Maybank, a financial giant in Malaysia, found itself in hot water as Hafidzah recounted a series of glitches and hitches that turned her banking routine into a ‘comedy of errors that nobody finds funny.’ Whether facing the queues at the branch or enduring long phone waits, accessing her account became a frustrating endeavor.

“They say money can’t buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration,” declared Hafidzah, a co-founder of a human resources company.

Hafidzah’s tale struck a chord, resonating with others who chimed in with comments echoing her discontent. One commenter pondered, “Am wondering what’s wrong with banks in Malaysia.”

Fortunately, Maybank, in a swift turnaround, managed to resolve the glitch, bringing an end to this bizarre financial rollercoaster. Maybank’s head of group customer experience management, Shaikh Munir Ahmad, reached out to Hafidzah on social media, ensuring a resolution that allowed her access to the account.

As the digital dust settled, jokes about her ‘enormous windfall’ flooded in, but beneath the humour lay genuine disappointment with the bank’s glitchy systems.

In a country where the average household income hovers around £16,000 per year, the temporary £64 million windfall turned heads. Maybank assured the public that the issue was not system-wide and that the customer’s account remained secure.

In the realm of banking bloopers, it seems Maybank unwittingly transformed Hafidzah into a temporary millionaire. As the digital hiccup is rectified, one can’t help but marvel at the uncertainties of the modern banking age


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