Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Woman jailed for posing as man to trick girlfriend into intimate relationship



Victim devastated as two-year web of lies unravels

In a shocking case of deception, a woman has been sentenced to ten years and six months in jail for pretending to be a man to engage in a sexual relationship with her girlfriend. Blade Silvano, 40, used the dating site Plenty of Fish to mislead her victim, portraying herself as a man seeking a woman.

Silvano went to great lengths to perpetuate the deception, using an “unknown object” and donning boxer shorts and an oversized t-shirt to convince her girlfriend of her false identity. The elaborate ruse included sending pictures of Silvano seemingly wet shaving, adding to the complexity of the “unspeakably cruel” deceit.

The victim, who met Silvano in 2016, believed she was entering into a loving relationship with a man. Silvano’s careful management of appearance, combined with a series of deliberate deceptions, led the victim to plan a wedding with her deceitful partner. The deception was so profound that the victim remained unaware of the truth for two years.

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Cambridge Crown Court heard that the victim only discovered Silvano’s true identity when their contacts synced on a new Facebook account, revealing a different surname. Silvano, who also fabricated being an Army officer, attempted to defend her actions during the trial, claiming the relationship was based on roleplay. However, Judge Philip Grey dismissed these claims as “some of the most dishonest evidence.”

The sentencing judge emphasized that Silvano’s actions were not rooted in gender dysphoria but in “deceit and lies” aimed at achieving sexual gratification. He asserted that the victim’s consent was rendered null and void due to the extensive and purposeful deception.

This case underscores the profound impact of deceit on victims and raises questions about online dating safety and the lengths some individuals may go to perpetuate falsehoods.


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