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Woman collapses in court after being found guilty of plotting ex-husband’s murder



Dramatic courtroom scene unfolds as verdict is delivered in bitter divorce-turned-criminal case

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 Divorce proceedings, often marked by acrimony, took a dark turn in the case of Greg Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy, resulting in a bitter custody battle that escalated into a criminal conspiracy. Lovejoy, determined to gain sole custody of their child, paid former marine Weldon McDavid $2,000 to shoot her ex-husband.

The plot succeeded in injuring Mulvihill, but he survived the attack. The subsequent criminal trial led to a guilty verdict for both Lovejoy and McDavid on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Video footage from inside the courtroom captured the intense moment when the jury delivered the guilty verdict. Lovejoy, appearing gaunt and detached, collapsed upon hearing the word ‘guilty.’ Her head hit the desk audibly, prompting court officers to rush to her aid. Lovejoy, a triathlete and software technical writer, was taken to the hospital, where she was confirmed to have fainted.

The court sentenced Lovejoy to 26 years in prison, while McDavid received a 50-year sentence as the triggerman in the crime.

The convoluted case unfolded in September 2016 when Mulvihill received a mysterious call claiming to have incriminating evidence against him. The caller directed him to find evidence taped to a utility pole in Carlsbad, California. Unbeknownst to Mulvihill and his friend, McDavid lay in wait, ultimately firing a shot at Mulvihill from a bush.

Investigations revealed Lovejoy’s dissatisfaction with the shared custody arrangement and uncovered incriminating evidence, including the AR-15 rifle used in the shooting, found in McDavid’s garage. Cell tower data further linked the duo to the crime scene on the night of the incident.

Carlsbad Police Department Sgt. Darbie commented on the case, stating, “This case is pretty bizarre, but we found the evidence quickly.”

As Lovejoy faces a lengthy prison term, the courtroom collapse adds a dramatic twist to a case that started in the civil courts but took a perilous turn into the criminal justice system.


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