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Winter woes hit hard: Norovirus cases soar, posing Christmas challenges for UK hospitals



NHS braces for tougher festive season amidst surge in winter bugs

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As winter tightens its grip, UK hospitals are grappling with a threefold increase in patients afflicted by the notorious norovirus compared to the same period last year, raising concerns for a challenging Christmas season. The NHS warns that the demand is surging, with additional pressure from flu and RSV infections in children.

Professor Sir Stephen Powis of the NHS expressed his concern, stating, “Today’s data shows a much higher volume of norovirus cases compared to last year and the continued impact of infections like flu and RSV in children on hospital capacity — all likely to be exacerbated by this week’s cold weather.”

The data reveals an overall rise of over 1,200 patients in hospitals compared to the same week in 2022. Flu and RSV infections in children are expected to further strain healthcare facilities.

Last week, an average of 90,144 patients occupied general and acute beds daily, a notable increase from 88,902 at the end of November in 2022. Alarming statistics indicate that 351 patients reported symptoms of norovirus, a significant surge from the 126 cases during the same week the previous year.

Norovirus, known for its rapid transmission through contact or contaminated surfaces, can cause symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting. Although most individuals recover within a few days, vulnerable populations such as the very young, elderly, or those with weakened immune systems may face complications like dehydration.

The NHS data also highlights the impact of flu and RSV infections, with 153 patients diagnosed with flu and 131 children hospitalized with RSV.

Miriam Deakin of NHS Providers acknowledged the ongoing challenges, stating, “Last winter was the worst that many in the NHS can remember and this time could be even tougher. As temperatures plummet, pressure on the NHS hots up with winter illnesses and bugs like flu adding to already high demand on services and staff.”

Despite a significant reduction in ambulance handover delays, approximately 25% of patients arriving by ambulance waited at least 30 minutes to be transferred to A&E teams last week. Sir Stephen urged the public to utilize services appropriately and get vaccinated against Covid and flu if eligible to alleviate the strain on healthcare resources.

This winter poses formidable challenges for the NHS, and healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to navigate the surge in cases, ensuring the health and well-being of patients amid these unprecedented times.


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