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Wilderness Wonders: Why Botswana Safari is the must-have Botswana Safari!



Step by step, finding my groove in a wild rhythm of African adventures! It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before, alive and in sync with the beating heart of a vibrant crowd. Guessing my way through the moves, I’m grinning at the energy surrounding me more than worrying about getting it spot on.

Enter the scene: a harmonious welcome by the spirited staff, belting out local tunes that have been lifting spirits for generations. Dragged (okay, willingly pulled) into the centre by my bestie (lucky plus one alert!), catching that electric glance across the singing throng – a moment forever etched in memory. It’s a magical immersion into tradition, blending rich history with an electric present, a time warp leaving clocks forgotten, my gaze rarely straying to the ticking hands.

This, my friends, is a Monday night at Boma – a camp ritual uniting guests over dinner and a heaping serving of traditional song and dance. Swahili for ‘enclosed,’ the Boma meals are served amidst a circle of trees or reed fences, historically a safe haven from prowling predators. Welcome to the wild!

Cue our fidgety excitement aboard the plane as our aisle mate, a burly South African rugby buff, lays on tales of Botswana’s untamed wonders. ‘It’s wild out there,’ he chuckles knowingly, setting our nerves tingling for the adventure ahead.

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And wild it is. Even before touching camp soil, herds of elephants greet us, migrating along snaking waterways from our tiny eight-seater plane. The pilot chimes in, ‘Behold the Okavango Delta, swelling to triple its size from March to August, a magnet for wildlife for miles around.’

This delta’s unique flooding during the dry season, turning a desert into an oasis, orchestrates a stunning balance in nature. It’s a UNESCO gem, a testament to climate and biology dancing in harmony. For science buffs, think ecological utopia secluded for the intrepid souls.

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Picture a stark setting – trees longing for rain, cracked earth thirsting for life. Yet, our guide assures us of an imminent seasonal shift. These adaptive trees shed leaves but stand tall, waiting to flaunt their foliage. And presto! The sandy desert could morph into marshy waterways in a blink.

As our car slows by a watering hole, I’m resisting the urge to pinch myself. Lions calmly eye us, unperturbed by dinner sauntering around. Cue The Lion King scene – fiery skies silhouetting tiny impalas about to burst with babies, while ostriches shake tail feathers and giraffes nibble on leaves before nature’s signal renders them bitter.

A pinch-me moment, yet some guests doubt the authenticity. Can you believe it? They think it’s staged! But here in the Okavango Delta, nature reigns supreme.

First stop: Wilderness Qorokwe. An oasis against an arid backdrop, boasting an infinity pool slicing through a blazing sunset, communal spaces framing a circle of chairs around a fire pit. It witnessed tales!

Upon arrival, a cold mojito and chilled towel – the norm here, we learn. Sign the consent forms (no suing if eaten by wildlife, fair deal), escorted to our room as night unfolds. Boardwalk strolls after dusk? A no-no.

The camp thrives on solar energy, even heating water via sun power, reducing carbon footprints in the endless sunshine.

Game drives begin at dawn, a midday siesta, then tea, cakes, and evening drives for the cherry on top. Picture-perfect, right?

Qorokwe introduces us to Mokoro – traditional dugout canoes unique to this delta. Admittedly hesitant (hippos, anyone?), we’re assured these gentle giants favour lagoons. The serene hour spent punting along the Santantadibe River becomes the ultimate calm after a whirlwind of adrenaline.

Our guide becomes our encyclopaedia, revealing the ‘big five’ and the ‘ugly five.’ Surprisingly, we encounter them all, except the elusive rhino. Rhinos? Sparse sightings since 2020, a conservation alarm bell ringing loud.

Next up: Wilderness Vumbura Plains. Picture-perfect luxury camp – photos speak volumes! What’s unforgettable? Outdoor showers with elephant views and a heli-safari spotting herds moving in sync.

Sunset boat trips or sunrise tea beside croaking hippos – communal breakfasts boasting stunning views here are bonding sessions.

Mischievous monkeys raiding our room for bronzer, mistaking it for their beloved hot chocolate powder? Comedy gold!

But what truly steals hearts? The staff’s energy and Boma night! Every new arrival serenaded by a choir, embracing the essence of Setswana.

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Final leg: Wilderness DumaTau. Built on an ancient elephant crossing, 50,000 gentle giants make their aquatic pilgrimage here. Lunch alongside this elephant parade? A breathtaking experience!

Seven double suites, plus a kid-friendly Little DumaTau, host the final stretch of our journey. Enter Vasco, a seasoned storyteller bursting with tales from Botswana’s heart. Laughs, tears, and quirky anecdotes paint a vivid picture.

Wilderness charms with more than luxury. Their Children in the Wilderness program immerses local kids in the camp life, shaping conservation champions. Organic meals support local farmers, while solar-powered camps align with eco-consciousness.

Pricey? Yes. But it’s about quality over quantity, an adventure sans the crowd-induced guilt. It’s you, your guide, and wildlife – an exclusive affair.

In Botswana, game drives are weapon-free, guided by a ‘don’t mess with nature’ ethos. Closer encounters, deeper connections.

As we bid adieu, raindrops hint at a transformation, a cycle perpetually renewing. The circle of life is more than predator-prey – it’s interconnectedness. Here, you’re part of it all, a symphony of life, a sense of belonging.

Wilderness beckons explorers to Earth’s ultimate, untamed realms. It’s wild yet serene, powerful yet life-affirming.

It’s a plea to protect this wilderness, to harmonise with nature rather than disrupt it. If we don’t, we risk losing this miracle. And let’s face it, harmonising with oneself? Tricky, but saving this paradise? Imperative.

Ready to book? Prices range from £1,170 at Qorokwe to £1,464 at Vumbura Plains. Travel via British Airways to Johannesburg, then Airlink to Maun, where Wilderness takes over your safari dreams.

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