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Warner Bros. Conjures up new Harry Potter games following Hogwarts legacy’s 22 million sales triumph



Quidditch champions takes flight as fans await Hogwarts legacy sequel

In a spellbinding turn of events, Hogwarts Legacy, the wizarding world’s latest gaming sensation, has soared to enchanting heights with over 22 million copies sold by the close of 2023. Riding the broomstick of this success, Warner Bros. Games has unveiled plans for a magical sequel and more enchanting additions to the Harry Potter gaming universe.

The anticipation surrounding Hogwarts Legacy was not without its share of controversy, primarily stemming from its connection to the polarizing author, JK Rowling. Despite the initial backlash, the game became a phenomenon among fans who reveled in the immersive experience of exploring the mystical world set in the 1800s, predating the adventures of the iconic Harry Potter.

Delving beyond the walls of the castle, players immersed themselves in customizing characters, selecting their Hogwarts house, and honing magical abilities through captivating classes. The journey, however, goes beyond potions and feasts, as players embark on a perilous quest to unveil the hidden truths of the wizarding world.

Following this triumph, the stage is set for the release of the Quidditch Champions, a smaller-scale game that promises to elevate the gaming experience with its beta version, although an official release date remains shrouded in mystery.

In an exclusive interview, Warner Bros. gaming maestro, David Haddad, dropped hints about ‘a series of other things’ in the pipeline for the Harry Potter franchise, aiming to immerse fans even deeper into the magical tales and characters. While the Quidditch game’s release details are yet to be unveiled, Haddad assured fans that it is being crafted with meticulous design to ‘delight fans.’

Hogwarts Legacy, currently available across various gaming platforms, has become a cornerstone for Warner Bros. Discovery’s emphasis on the importance of franchises. Haddad emphasized that games play a pivotal role in keeping franchises relevant, resonant, and exciting for fans who consider gaming their preferred form of content.

With the tantalizing promise of more magical adventures on the horizon, fans can only hope that the wait for the next Hogwarts Legacy installment won’t be as enduring as the quest for GTA VI.


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