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Walmart yodeling kid strikes back: Matt Rife’s humor backfires yet again



Comedian Matt Rife faces social media storm as Walmart yodeling kid resurfaces

In a year that’s witnessed the rapid rise and fall of celebrities, comedian Matt Rife finds himself on the receiving end of a scathing online takedown, courtesy of none other than the famous Walmart Yodelling Kid.

Rife, a familiar face from Wild ‘n Out, saw his fortunes take an unexpected hit, with controversies surrounding distasteful jokes and questionable behavior, especially towards his predominantly female audience. His recent Netflix special, “Natural Selection,” further fueled the flames, as a joke touching on sensitive topics like domestic violence and women in the kitchen drew sharp criticism from former fans.

However, a new blow to Rife’s reputation emerges as a 2018 incident involving the Walmart Yodelling Kid, Mason Ramsey, resurfaces. Back in May of that year, Rife, then part of Nick Cannon’s show, took a public jab at the 12-year-old Ramsey, who gained internet fame for yodelling in a Walmart store.

Rife reposted a photo of Ramsey with Post Malone, questioning a slight raising of skin on the singer’s forehead with a provocative caption that read: “F***s on your forehead? Some gum?”

Ramsey, displaying remarkable grace and wit, responded promptly: “It’s a birthmark. Not all of us are perfect.”

Undoubtedly winning the internet’s heart, Ramsey’s clapback left Rife with no option but to backtrack, offering a more conciliatory response: “You ARE perfect bro. Was genuinely curious lol I’ve got your new single on repeat little man. Keep doin big things.”

As Rife faces a barrage of criticism online for this unearthed incident, the internet proves once again that it has a long memory, and forgiveness is not easily granted.


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