Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Vancouver woman embraces ecosexuality, claims intimate connection with tree as a self-intimacy guide



Sonja Semyonova, 45, explores ecosexuality, describing a unique bond with an oak tree and advocating for a symbiotic relationship with nature

Sonja Semyonova, a 45-year-old self-intimacy guide residing in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has revealed her unconventional relationship with an oak tree, defining herself as ‘ecosexual.’ The unique connection, she claims, goes beyond conventional perceptions, challenging misconceptions surrounding ecosexuality.

Amid the loneliness of the pandemic in 2020, Sonja found solace in daily walks, where she discovered a profound connection with the oak tree. By the summer of 2021, this connection transformed into what she describes as ‘erotic’ experiences with the tree. While Sonja expresses the feelings of support and the rush of ‘erotic energy,’ she clarifies that it doesn’t involve physical sexual interactions with the oak.

Addressing misconceptions about ecosexuality, Sonja emphasizes that it doesn’t necessarily involve explicit sexual encounters with nature. Instead, she sees it as a unique way to explore the erotic, observing the changing of seasons and the life force in nature as inherently sensual.

Sonja argues that ecosexuality is already present in many people, exemplified by the desire for outdoor activities like picnics and hiking. She believes fostering a symbiotic relationship with nature, one that acknowledges the erotic energy, could offer benefits and contribute to solving environmental challenges.

In her perspective, being ecosexual extends beyond an individual experience and could potentially contribute to addressing the climate crisis. Sonja’s story challenges conventional notions and sparks a conversation about the diverse ways people connect with and appreciate the natural world.


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