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Utah man charged with attempted murder for choking terminally ill wife in front of family



Disturbing incident unfolds as husband attempts to ‘ease suffering’ of wife battling terminal cancer

In a shocking and tragic incident, a 45-year-old man from Utah, DeWayne McCulla, has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly attempting to end the life of his terminally ill wife, Arenda Lee McCulla, 47, in the presence of her family. The disturbing event unfolded on the night of December 20, 2021, as DeWayne, in a disturbing confession, stated that he took this drastic action to ‘ease her suffering’ amid her battle with breast cancer.

The couple, married in 2020, had faced the challenges of Arenda’s cancer diagnosis in 2020, which later metastasized to her brain, lungs, and liver, ultimately becoming terminal. DeWayne reportedly admitted to placing his hand over Arenda’s neck while family members desperately tried to intervene, ultimately managing to pull him away. Responding officers were told by DeWayne that he would repeat this action because of his love for his wife.

Arenda McCulla underwent intensive treatments, including 3600mg of chemotherapy daily for two weeks on and one week off, which only extended her life for a few months. The treatment caused severe radiation burns, leading to open sores and blisters in her throat, making it nearly impossible for her to eat.

The heartbreaking saga reached its unfortunate conclusion on the night of the alleged crime, as Arenda passed away due to the relentless progression of her illness.

DeWayne McCulla now faces a first-degree felony charge of attempted murder, which could result in a sentence of 15 years to life in jail if found guilty under state law. The distressing incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by families dealing with terminal illnesses and the emotional toll it can take on those involved.


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