Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

US military initiates construction of aid delivery pier off Gaza coast



Amid dire humanitarian needs, the US military collaborates with the IDF to establish a temporary pier for delivering essential supplies to Gaza

The United States military has commenced the construction of a temporary pier off the Gaza coast, aimed at facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region’s beleaguered population. This initiative comes in response to the acute food insecurity affecting the entire 2.2 million populace of Gaza.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder announced on Thursday that construction began with the involvement of the USNS Benavidez among other vessels. “Our goal is to escalate the aid delivery to 150 trucks per day, starting with 90 trucks daily in early May,” Ryder explained during a Pentagon briefing.

The logistical operation, known as Joint Logistics Over the Shore (JLOTS), involves complex coordination with no US troops on Gazan soil. Instead, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will provide a security perimeter to facilitate the safe anchorage of the causeway to Gaza’s shore. “US military personnel will operate the system from a safe distance, ensuring maximum force protection,” a senior military official added.

This high-stakes mission, set to last several months, involves moving aid from Cyprus via commercial vessels to a large floating pier stationed miles off the Gaza coast. The aid will then be transferred to smaller Army boats, which will deliver it to the temporary pier connected to Gaza.

The initiative also includes coordination cells in Cyprus and Israel to manage the logistical challenges and ensure the smooth inspection and distribution of aid. “We’ve established robust procedures to prevent bottlenecks and ensure the aid reaches those in need promptly,” the official noted.

USAID is collaborating with the United Nations to distribute the aid within Gaza, further underlining the multinational effort to address the humanitarian crisis. Amidst the backdrop of conflict, this pier is envisioned as a temporary solution with hopes of eventually transitioning it to a commercial operation that could sustain continuous aid delivery by various international stakeholders.

As the construction progresses, global attention remains fixed on the effectiveness and safety of this critical mission, intended to alleviate the suffering of millions in Gaza.


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