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Unveiling the enigma: Atacama alien’s true identity revealed after genetic analysis



Extra-terrestrial speculation dispelled as Ata’s origin unravels in Atacama desert discovery

In 2003, the vast and mysterious Atacama Desert in Chile became the stage for an otherworldly spectacle when a diminutive mummified body, aptly nicknamed ‘Ata,’ emerged from its sandy embrace. The internet buzzed with wild speculations about its extraterrestrial origins, fueled by its peculiar appearance that mirrored the classic depiction of aliens in science fiction.

Measuring a mere six inches, Ata’s size sparked debates ranging from it being a foetus to an ancient mummy. However, groundbreaking research in 2018, led by Garry Nolan, a microbiology and immunology professor at Stanford, and Atul Butte, director of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at the University of California-San Francisco, dispelled the extraterrestrial myth.

Contrary to the fantastical theories, genetic analysis confirmed Ata’s human identity. The skeleton belonged to a female with bone composition consistent with a six-year-old child. Remarkably, Ata’s South American heritage was unveiled through a close DNA match with other Chileans, as reported by The Guardian.

The analysis further revealed strong indications that Ata was a pre-term or stillborn birth with a form of skeletal dysplasia, a condition where bones exhibit abnormal shapes or sizes. Nolan emphasized that Ata’s severe malformations would likely have warranted neonatal intensive care, an option unavailable during her time.

The question lingering in the minds of researchers and enthusiasts alike is the cause behind Ata’s distinctive abnormalities. Nolan postulated a potential link to prenatal nitrate exposure, citing Ata’s discovery in La Noria, an abandoned nitrate mining town in the Atacama Desert, as a crucial clue. Nitrate exposure might have played a role in DNA damage, leading to the observed mutations.

In unraveling the mystery of Ata, this discovery not only puts to rest the extraterrestrial speculations but also sheds light on the unique challenges faced by an individual from the past. Ata’s story, emerging from the dusty annals of La Noria, adds a fascinating chapter to the complex tapestry of human history.


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