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Unearthed secrets: Ancient mangrove forest emerges from the depths



Lost paradise revealed 22 million years after catastrophic volcanic end

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have unravelled the mysteries of a prehistoric ‘lost’ forest, obliterated by a volcanic eruption 22 million years ago. Nestled within the Panama Canal, this hidden gem is poised to unlock a trove of ancient secrets.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, led by intrepid researchers, stumbled upon the fossilized remnants of this ancient woodland on Barro Colorado Island. During the Miocene Epoch, a tectonic tango between the Caribbean and South American plates sculpted the terrain, birthing what would become the submerged Barro Colorado Island.

Astonishingly, 121 impeccably preserved pieces of wood hint at an environment tailor-made for mangroves, resilient trees adapted to thriving in high-salinity zones. Mangroves, with their unique ability to endure brackish waters, create natural coastal fortresses, drawing a plethora of marine life into their protective embrace.

The team of scientists, delving deeper into the findings, unearthed a revelation. Due to elevated carbon dioxide levels in the primordial atmosphere, these trees bore witness to an Earth vastly different from our own. The conspicuous absence of other tree fossils in the vicinity hints at the challenging conditions that potentially stifled the survival of other species.

However, this ancient mangrove haven met a cataclysmic fate – a volcanic eruption unleashed a ‘lahar,’ a torrential flow of mud, water, rocks, and ash, akin to liquid concrete devouring vast expanses in its wake. Remarkably, lahars, while devastating, possess a unique ability to preserve fossils, encapsulating organic matter before decay sets in.

This geological time capsule now stands testament to the singular eruption that erased the ancient mangrove forest. The fossilized remnants offer a rare glimpse into an era long past, frozen in time by the forces of nature.

As the scientific community deciphers the implications of this unprecedented find, one thing is certain – the ‘lost’ forest’s resurrection adds a fascinating chapter to Earth’s enigmatic history.


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