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Uber eats driver reveals eye-popping earnings per delivery – Londoners astonished!



Insider breakdown of how much a London Uber eats driver pockets per order leaves netizens stunned

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 In an exclusive revelation causing a stir in London, a savvy Uber Eats driver has shared the remarkable details of her earnings per delivery. Karyna Diaz, hailing from Las Vegas, took to TikTok to provide a candid breakdown of her income as an Uber Eats driver, leaving Brits astonished at the potential windfall.

As a stay-at-home mom juggling family responsibilities, Diaz embarked on the side hustle to secure some extra cash conveniently. In a TikTok video that has gone viral, she meticulously disclosed the specifics of her payment structure, shedding light on how much she earns for each order and the distances covered.

The gig economy allows Uber Eats drivers to assess potential earnings for a specific job through the app, encompassing both the base pay and tips. Drivers have the flexibility to cherry-pick jobs based on the proposed compensation.

Diaz, in her TikTok video, shared, “Come with me today to see how much money we can make doing Uber Eats orders.” She then proceeded to detail a sequence of orders, indicating payment amounts and distances covered.

The captivating video showcased orders from popular eateries such as Chick-fil-A, The Bar, Egg Works, Einstein Bros, Taco Bell, and 7/11, each accompanied by the respective earnings for the delivery.

By the end of her seven-hour stint in a ‘rich area,’ selectively opting for higher-paying orders, Diaz tallied an impressive $172. She candidly revealed having spent $25 on gas during her work hours, resulting in a net profit of $147.

Comments on the video poured in as viewers expressed surprise and admiration for the lucrative side hustle. Some Londoners found the figures enticing, while others shared their own experiences and concerns about the gig economy in different areas.

One comment highlighted the variability, stating, “It’s most def not a good side hustle. SAHM, I work about 5-8hrs and barely reach $40 in my area. Mind you, my gas is $50.”

Despite varying perspectives, the video has sparked conversations around the potential earnings for gig workers in the bustling city of London.

Uber’s website outlines payment methods for drivers, including a weekly bank transfer or the option to use the ‘Uber Pro Card’ – a debit card tied to a checking account, allowing drivers to cash out payments instantly.

Londoners are now buzzing with intrigue, contemplating the prospect of a rewarding side hustle in the ever-expanding gig economy.


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