Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

TV Chef Simon Rimmer Heartbroken as Iconic Vegetarian Restaurant Rreens Closes After 33 Years



Sunday brunch presenter blames increased rent and rising costs for “heartbreaking” closure

Celebrity chef and Sunday Brunch presenter Simon Rimmer has announced the closure of his iconic vegetarian restaurant, Greens, located in West Didsbury, Manchester, after serving customers for an impressive 33 years. Rimmer expressed deep sadness in a video message, calling it a “heartbreaking day” as the restaurant shuts down with immediate effect.

The closure, attributed to a 35% surge in rent and escalating costs for raw materials, utilities, and staff wages, was communicated through a heartfelt video posted on social media. Rimmer, who co-founded Greens with Simon Connolly in 1990, revealed that the business had become financially “unviable” under the current circumstances.

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“Our landlords have increased our rent by, on the region of 35%. The cost of raw materials, the cost of heat, light and power, employing people and general food costs have meant that the business, unfortunately, has become unviable. So with immediate effect, we’ve unfortunately shut the door. It’s a heartbreaking day,” explained Rimmer in the video.

Rimmer expressed gratitude to everyone who played a part in Greens’ journey, including staff, customers, suppliers, and neighbors. Despite the closure of the Didsbury location, Rimmer’s second Greens restaurant in Sale, opened in 2022, will continue its operations.

In a shared message on Simon Connolly’s Instagram, the co-owners elaborated on the challenges that led to the closure. They expressed their sorrow at having to close the doors on Greens, Didsbury, stating that it had become “impossible” to sustain the restaurant under the increased financial burden.

Customers, reacting to the news, shared their sadness and memories of Greens, with many expressing their support for the Sale location. Rimmer concluded his message with a hopeful note, thanking patrons for the last 33 years and expressing the desire to see them in Sale.

Simon Rimmer, known for his appearances on various TV shows including BBC’s Great British Menu, Saturday Kitchen, Recipe For Success, and Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, faces this closure as a significant chapter in his culinary journey comes to an end.


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