Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

Trump rallies thousands in deep-blue Bronx, promises a greater New York City



Former president Donald Trump holds a historic rally in the Bronx, aiming to win over black and Hispanic voters with pledges to improve the city’s safety and economy

Former President Donald Trump broke political norms by staging a massive rally in the Bronx, one of New York City’s most traditionally Democratic strongholds. On May 23, 2024, Trump addressed an estimated 25,000 supporters at Crotona Park, significantly exceeding the initially expected crowd of 3,500. His appearance marked a bold attempt to sway Black and Hispanic voters in a region where Republicans have historically struggled. Trump’s speech emphasized his plans to enhance public safety, renovate the subway system, and boost the local economy. This rally, part of his broader campaign strategy, came amid a brief pause in his ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan, highlighting his unorthodox approach to reclaiming the presidency in 2024.

Fox News 

Former President Donald Trump made a significant political statement by holding a rally in Crotona Park, the Bronx, a region not typically known for Republican support. Trump’s campaign reported an impressive turnout of 25,000 supporters, a stark contrast to the 3,500 initially anticipated. The former president declared his intention to revitalize New York City, promising to address safety issues, improve schools, and bring economic stability. He criticized President Biden’s administration, particularly focusing on crime rates and homelessness in the city. Trump’s rhetoric included strong critiques of Biden’s handling of the economy, particularly highlighting the struggles faced by Black and Hispanic families under the current administration.

Trump’s speech resonated with a diverse crowd, including Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, and Muslim supporters. Many attendees travelled from neighbouring states and various New York boroughs to hear Trump’s message. The former president emphasized his commitment to working with New York’s Democratic leaders to tackle local issues, such as subway renovations and homelessness. He also criticized Biden’s economic policies and reiterated his stance on immigration, using Al Wilson’s song, “The Snake,” as a metaphor for uncontrolled illegal immigration.

The rally was notable for its inclusivity, drawing a diverse group of supporters who believe in Trump’s vision for New York City. Trump’s campaign highlighted his willingness to bring his message to every part of New York and the nation, believing that his message is a winning one. Despite a small group of protesters organized by the Bronx Democratic Party, the rally proceeded without significant disruption, showcasing Trump’s ability to attract and mobilize a large and varied audience.

NBC New York

NBC New York provided an overview of Trump’s rally in Crotona Park, emphasizing the security measures in place and the significance of the event being open to the general public. This rally represented Trump’s attempt to gain ground in a state that has not supported a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984. The rally aimed to highlight Trump’s perceived strengths in economic and immigration policies, hoping to attract Black and Hispanic voters.

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds, a potential running mate for Trump, accompanied him, underscoring the campaign’s strategy to appeal to a broad demographic. The Bronx Democratic Party organized a counter-protest, expressing that Trump’s policies do not resonate with the values of Bronx residents. Borough President Vanessa Gibson criticized Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-choice stance, highlighting the borough’s unity and resilience against divisive politics.

Trump’s campaign strategy targets younger Black and Hispanic voters who may be disillusioned with the current economic situation. Trump argued that his legal challenges resonate with voters frustrated by the criminal justice system, an assertion that has received mixed reactions. The rally was held during a pause in Trump’s hush money trial, with closing arguments expected after Memorial Day. Political analysts noted the strategic importance of Trump’s visit, referencing the Republican Party’s recent successes in local elections and the potential for shifting voter sentiments amid economic and safety concerns.

Ed Cox, chairman of the New York Republican Party, emphasized the party’s renewed efforts to gain traction in New York, drawing parallels to former Rep. Lee Zeldin’s near-win in the gubernatorial race. Prominent figures like Rev. Rubén Díaz Sr. expressed support for Trump, highlighting community concerns over migrant influxes and the impact on local resources. Despite historically low support for Trump in the Bronx, his campaign remains optimistic about making inroads with minority voters disillusioned by Democratic leadership.


Politico highlighted Trump’s direct appeal to Black and Hispanic voters during his rally in the South Bronx, focusing on his claims to expand the electoral map into traditionally Democratic territories. Trump’s speech, attended by a diverse crowd, emphasized his commitment to addressing the negative impacts of illegal immigration on minority communities and vowed to initiate a massive deportation campaign if elected.

The rally featured a mix of supporters, including Hasidic Jews, Blacks, and Latinos, reflecting New York’s diverse demographic. Trump reminisced about his time as a real estate developer in New York, avoiding extensive discussion of his ongoing criminal trial. The campaign believes that Trump’s tough stance on immigration and economic issues resonates with younger Black and Hispanic voters, a demographic seen as crucial for the upcoming election.

Recent polls indicate a tightening race in New York, with Trump closing the gap with Biden. Trump’s campaign events in historically Black neighbourhoods like Harlem aim to strengthen his support among minority voters. Despite scepticism from local Democratic leaders, Trump’s campaign remains focused on cutting into Biden’s lead by appealing to economic frustrations and safety concerns.

Bronx Republican Party Chair Mike Rendino acknowledged the symbolic nature of Trump’s visit but stressed the importance of reducing Democratic margins in key areas. Local Democratic legislators and labour unions organized a counter-rally, emphasizing Trump’s poor record on race and immigration. The Biden campaign countered with ads highlighting Trump’s controversial past, aiming to reinforce his negative image among minority voters.

Despite historical challenges, Trump’s rally in the Bronx signifies a strategic effort to diversify his voter base and challenge Democratic dominance in urban areas. His campaign continues to leverage his New York roots and promises of economic revitalization to attract a broader coalition of voters.


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