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Tragic river incident claims three lives: heroic son’s vain attempt to rescue father and companions



Scott Thomas daddy, Leslie Forbes, and Kenneth Patrick Hibbins lose lives in heartbreaking 4×4 tragedy

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In a devastating turn of events, three lives were lost as a 4×4 vehicle, carrying Scott Thomas Daddy, Leslie Forbes, and Kenneth Patrick Hibbins, plunged into the swollen River Esk in North Yorkshire. Leslie’s son, Richard, exhibited unparalleled bravery, leaping into the flooded river in a desperate bid to save his father and two others. The incident occurred during an off-road excursion on Rake Lane when the vehicle was swept away while attempting to cross a ford.

As the Land Rover Discovery submerged in the River Esk, Richard, 39, Leslie Forbes’ son, heroically attempted to rescue the victims. A friend revealed that Richard was outside the vehicle when it was washed away but valiantly fought against the powerful currents in an attempt to save his father and companions. Tragically, the efforts were in vain, and the 4×4 became trapped, leading to the untimely demise of Scott Thomas Daddy, Leslie Forbes, and Kenneth Patrick Hibbins.

The fatal incident unfolded during an off-road excursion as part of a convoy on Rake Lane. Storm Gerrit had caused the river to swell to approximately 5ft, creating treacherous conditions. Witness Chris Ford, a nearby resident, recounted the tragic events, mentioning a ford that the group attempted to cross, resulting in them being swept down 400 yards. The submerged vehicle, invisible beneath the water, prompted a rescue operation with tractors.

Leslie Forbes, a 70-year-old described as a “loving husband, father, and grandfather,” leaves behind a grieving family and friends. Chris Burton, a member of the East Riding 4×4 Club, expressed profound sorrow on Facebook, emphasizing the significant impact of this loss on the club. The tragic incident, which occurred just after 3 pm, involved the fire service recovering the vehicle, confirming the fatalities. Another individual attempting to aid the occupants was successfully rescued from the river.

Members of the East Riding 4×4 Club mourn the loss of three cherished individuals known for their kindness. Richard Burton, sharing his sentiments, described the immense void left by the tragedy and extended heartfelt condolences to the families. The spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police conveyed the recovery of the vehicle and the unfortunate passing of the three men, with one rescuer receiving medical treatment.


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