Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024

Tragic loss: Adult film star Thaina Fields found dead at 24, investigation underway



Peruvian porn star’s untimely death raises questions; cause yet to be determined

The adult film industry mourns the loss of Thaina Fields, a 24-year-old porn star found dead at her home in Peru. The circumstances surrounding her death are under investigation by local police, and the cause remains undetermined.

Fields, known by her real name Abigail, was discovered in her residence in Trujillo on January 6, 2024. The news has deeply affected those who collaborated with her, with production company Milky Perú expressing disbelief and paying tribute to Fields in a heartfelt statement. Fellow adult content creator Alejandra Sweet also shared her condolences on social media, describing Fields as a shining star.

The tragedy follows Fields’ revelation last year about experiencing sexual harassment and abuse after entering the adult content industry. In an interview with the YouTube channel Emojis TV, she discussed the challenges faced by women in the industry and the difficulty of pursuing legal action against such incidents.

Fans of the adult star have flooded social media with tributes and expressions of disbelief over her untimely passing. Authorities are yet to provide details about the circumstances leading to Fields’ death.


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