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Tragic accident claims lives of Phil Spencer’s parents in car plunge



Location location location star mourns loss in “most tragic” incident

The full inquest into the heartbreaking demise of Richard Spencer, 89, and Anne Spencer, 82, parents of Channel 4’s Location Location Location star Phil Spencer, has concluded their passing was a “most tragic” accident. The elderly couple lost their lives in August when their Toyota veered off a narrow road near their Kent home and plunged into a river.

Emergency services spent 90 minutes attempting to revive the couple, who had been submerged in water for up to 20 minutes. Despite efforts, they were pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner, Sarah Clarke, confirmed that Anne, who was driving, succumbed to a lung infection and a loss of oxygen to the brain, while Richard passed away due to a lung injury.

Veronica Francis, the couple’s full-time carer, who was in the back of the vehicle during the incident, managed to escape through a window and survived. Detective Sergeant Chris Wade of the Kent Police Serious Collision Investigation Unit led the investigation, stating that the accident occurred when Anne, driving down a narrow road on their farm, veered offside, causing the car to overturn and submerge all occupants in the river.

Despite familiarity with the roads, the accident was attributed to a “momentary lapse of concentration” by Anne, according to DS Wade. The bridge they were crossing was described as extremely narrow, with limited visibility. The coroner concluded the incident as accidental death and expressed condolences to the family.

Phil Spencer, who did not attend the inquest, previously shared on Instagram that his parents “would have held hands under the water and quietly slipped away.” The 53-year-old TV presenter noted that despite the sadness, the fact that his parents went together was a “blessing in itself,” considering their deteriorating health conditions.

The tragic incident emphasizes the vulnerability of older drivers and the importance of road safety, even in familiar surroundings. The Spencer family continues to grieve, finding solace in the knowledge that Richard and Anne are together, as they would have wanted.


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