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Tragedy strikes: Michael Carroll’s sister passes away after heartbreaking cocaine binge



Lotto Winner’s sister, Zoe Carroll, found dead at home on day of cousin’s funeral

In a somber turn of events, the sister of notorious lotto winner Michael Carroll, Zoe Carroll, has tragically passed away following a cocaine binge on the day of her cousin’s funeral. The 43-year-old, who had received a substantial sum when her brother won £10 million on the National Lottery, was discovered lifeless on her sofa by her 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter on May 4th this year.

A post-mortem revealed that Zoe, who had battled cervical cancer and had one kidney, succumbed to a cardiac arrest induced by cocaine use. The Norfolk Coroner’s Court, after hearing about lines of cocaine found in her kitchen, concluded that her death was drug-related.

Zoe’s mother, Kim McCleary, expressed her belief that her daughter turned to drugs due to life’s stresses rather than recreational purposes. Michael Carroll, infamous for his lavish lifestyle after winning the lottery at 19, had shared a close bond with Zoe. Despite his own tumultuous journey, Michael, now 40, has reportedly been deeply affected by his sister’s untimely demise.

The tragic incident unfolded after Zoe hosted a gathering for friends on the day of her cousin’s funeral, where alcohol and cocaine were reportedly consumed. Friends reached out to Mrs. McCleary the following day, revealing that Zoe was unresponsive. Paramedics and police arrived at her Metcalf Avenue home in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, only to pronounce her dead after resuscitation attempts.

Dr. Dan Ketley, from the Magpas air ambulance, confirmed Zoe’s demise after 56 minutes of resuscitation efforts. The presence of white powder on a chopping board in her kitchen further indicated the drug-related circumstances surrounding her death.

Zoe’s struggles with medical issues, including the aftermath of cervical cancer, had apparently contributed to her reliance on powerful painkillers. As a single mother unable to work, she faced financial challenges exacerbated by a reduction in benefit payments.

Michael Carroll, once dubbed the “Lotto Lout,” had experienced his own share of highs and lows after winning the jackpot in 2002. His extravagant lifestyle led to numerous court appearances, legal issues, and the eventual depletion of his winnings. Despite their differences, the siblings remained close, and Zoe’s passing has reportedly taken a toll on Michael.

The Carroll family now grapples with the aftermath of Zoe’s tragic demise, shedding light on the challenges that fame and fortune can bring, even long after the glory days have faded.


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