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Tragedy Strikes as 26-year-old British woman dies after Brazilian Bum-Lift surgery in Turkey



Complications and heart attacks follow cosmetic surgery; family urges caution for those considering medical procedures abroad

A 26-year-old British woman, Demi Agoglia, tragically lost her life just days after undergoing a Brazilian bum-lift surgery in Turkey. Demi, a mother of three from Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester, complained of chest pains hours before her scheduled return to Manchester. Despite initial success in the surgery, Demi suffered a heart attack in a taxi on her way to the hospital with her partner Bradley Jones, who desperately performed CPR. Unfortunately, doctors in Turkey were unable to save her, and she was pronounced dead on Monday.

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Demi had traveled to Turkey for the procedure after experiencing complications from previous dental work and other surgeries. The family shared that Demi’s partner, Bradley Jones, had tried to convince her not to undergo the surgery. Demi’s brother, Carl, expressed shock and grief, urging others to reconsider medical procedures in Turkey, stating, “If anyone is thinking of flying to Turkey for an operation, I would say don’t do it! Even her boyfriend didn’t want her to do it.”

It is believed that Demi suffered a series of heart attacks caused by a fat embolism, despite doctors initially deeming the surgery a success. The family highlighted the dangers of surgeries abroad, emphasizing the high risks involved. Demi’s untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the potential complications associated with cosmetic procedures performed in other countries.

Friends and family paid tribute to Demi on social media, expressing their shock and grief over the unexpected loss. The incident adds to a growing concern about the safety of medical procedures performed abroad, prompting a call for increased awareness and caution.


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