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Tourists face jail time in quirky Micronation for onion and spinach possession



The republic of Molossia: a peculiar land where greenery is a criminal offense

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In the vast world of micronations, one peculiar plot of land in Nevada has raised eyebrows as tourists risk incarceration for the most unexpected contraband – onions and spinach.

Nestled within an 11-acre expanse, the Republic of Molossia, established in 1977 by its self-styled leader and President, Kevin Baugh, has recently gained attention for its unconventional rules and restrictions.

Baugh, who sports the title His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor Kevin Baugh, President and Raïs of Molossia, Protector of the Nation and Guardian of the People, doesn’t shy away from the label of dictator, proudly asserting his rule over the micronation.

Despite its distinctiveness, Molossia remains unrecognized by the United Nations, a fate shared by many micronations worldwide.

Home to a mere 38 inhabitants, with only three residing on the land in Dayton, Nevada – Baugh, his wife, and their 20-year-old daughter – Molossia boasts a list of forbidden items for visitors. Onions, spinach, catfish, and even walruses are strictly prohibited from entering the micronation.

Baugh, defending his unorthodox contraband rule, explained, “Onions aren’t allowed because I just don’t like onions – and I’m the dictator so I can say stuff like that.”

Breaking these rules can lead to a stint in Molossian jail, a fate experienced by only a handful of individuals, primarily tourists who’ve dared to bring contraband into the micronation.

Baugh expressed amusement at the enthusiasm of those facing temporary incarceration, stating, “It’s surprising how many people are excited to be thrown into jail in a third-world country!”

The eccentric leader takes pride in his creation, claiming Molossia was nothing more than a desert before he decided to build a nation from scratch. “I’m very proud of what I’ve crafted. There was nothing there before we moved in and declared it to be our country,” he declared.

As travelers consider adding this offbeat destination to their bucket lists, Molossia’s peculiar blend of despotism and vegetable vendettas continues to baffle and amuse in equal measure.


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