Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Tories choose partner of disgraced MP Peter bone as replacement in Wellingborough by-election



Helen Harrison, Tory Councillor, to take the reins amidst controversial circumstances

In a controversial move, the Conservative Party has chosen Helen Harrison, partner of ousted ex-MP Peter Bone, as their candidate for the upcoming Wellingborough by-election. The decision follows the expulsion of Bone by his constituents last month, sparking the need for a fresh face in the parliamentary seat.

Tory Party Chairman Richard Holden revealed the selection of Helen Harrison, a Northamptonshire Tory councillor, as the party’s candidate for Wellingborough. The announcement comes after Bone faced suspension from the Commons for six weeks in October, following allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct towards a staff member.

Parliament’s Independent Expert Panel found Bone guilty of a “wilful pattern of bullying,” including an incident of “unwanted sexual misconduct” during a stay in a Madrid hotel. Despite initially sitting as an independent MP, Bone lost his Commons seat after a recall petition, triggered by the length of his suspension, garnered sufficient support from constituents.

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Holden’s announcement has ignited criticism, with accusations of the Conservative Party succumbing to Bone’s demands. The ousted MP had reportedly threatened to run as an independent in the by-election unless his partner was included in the candidate shortlist.

In the aftermath of the announcement, Labour’s Shadow Paymaster General, Jonathan Ashworth, condemned the move as a sign of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s weakness. Ashworth asserted that the people of Wellingborough deserve a candidate chosen on merit, not as a result of political maneuvering.

Labour, emboldened by recent by-election victories, including Mid-Bedfordshire, where they overturned a massive majority, is gearing up for a competitive battle. Gen Kitchen, their selected candidate, emphasized the community’s dissatisfaction with Bone’s actions and their feeling of abandonment by the government.

As the Wellingborough by-election looms, the political landscape is set for a heated contest, with the Tories defending their ground amidst controversy and Labour aiming to capitalize on the discontent among constituents.


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