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Top 10 US states poised to develop ‘Blue Zones’ for extended life



California leads the pack in potential blue zone development, unveiling the secrets to a longer, healthier life

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In the quest for the elixir of a long and healthy life, researchers have set their sights on identifying the US states most likely to develop ‘Blue Zones’—regions renowned for their exceptional life expectancy. These zones, including locales in Italy, Greece, Japan, Costa Rica, and the US, are characterized by factors contributing to longevity.

Current Blue Zones such as Icaria, Ogliastra, Okinawa, the Nicoya Peninsula, and Loma Linda share commonalities: abundant sunshine and proximity to the sea. Now, researchers have scrutinized US states, examining depression rates, anxiety, sleep quality, physical activity, population density, meat-free food options, and overall life expectancy to unveil the top contenders.

Leading the charge is California, securing the top spot, with Minnesota following closely behind. Utah, North Carolina, and Massachusetts round out the top five states most likely to foster a Blue Zone environment.

California, scoring an impressive 7.03 out of 10 according to researchers, showcases the potential for Blue Zone development. As the ranking descends to fifth place with Massachusetts and Maryland, the score settles at 6.31. However, not all states fared equally, with New York lagging at 30th place with a score of 4.82.

Kentucky emerges as the least promising candidate for a Blue Zone, grappling with low life expectancy, poor sleep quality, and elevated depression rates. On a national scale, the US holds the 47th position in life expectancy rankings, with Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan securing the top three spots globally.

Hawaii leads the US states in life expectancy, boasting 80.7 years, while Mississippi trails behind with 71.9 years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

As the pursuit of longevity unfolds, these top 10 states offer a glimpse into the potential development of American Blue Zones, unraveling the secrets to extended life and well-being.


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