Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Tiny London flat sparks controversy: “Mini Studio” offers bed-to-loo convenience for £1,630 monthly rent



Glass-Encased Bathroom and Kitchen in Single Room Near Hyde Park Stir Debate

A compact London flat, described as a “mini studio,” is causing a stir as it offers a unique living arrangement for a monthly rent of £1,630. The single room, situated near Hyde Park, features a layout where the bed is placed at one end, a kitchen at the other, and a glass-encased bathroom in the middle.

The glass cubicle houses the toilet, sink, and shower, creating an unconventional arrangement that has sparked both curiosity and criticism. The property, listed by landlord Michelle L, is located above a Cantonese food restaurant, and the neighborhood boasts a Ferrari parked nearby.

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The bed is positioned in close proximity to the glass shower cubicle, leaving limited space in between. Potential tenants are met with the peculiar sight of the toilet, sink, and shower enclosed in a glass cubicle at the foot of the bed. Moreover, there is no storage space in the bathroom, leading to towels and toilet paper residing on the bedroom/living room desk.

The flat, available for a 12-month minimum tenancy agreement, is listed for £376.15 per week with a deposit of £1,630. The description suggests it is ideal for students, but families, pets, smokers, and those with DSS income will be considered. However, the property lacks a garden or parking space.

“A very cool mini studio to rent. Next to Hyde Park. Very good location,” states the listing, emphasizing its proximity to Paddington Station and Lancaster Gate Station. The glass bathroom cubicle serves as a partition between the bed and the compact kitchen area, which includes a microwave, a sink, a hotplate, and a kettle.

While the unique design may appeal to some, the listing has drawn attention and debate, raising questions about the practicality and comfort of such living arrangements in central London.


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