Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

TikToker’s in-flight mystery: Bizarre sight sparks confusion among passengers



Flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Melbourne unveils unusual ‘confetti’ patterns below

In a bewildering encounter, TikToker Brad Stewart, known as @brad..stewart1572, took to social media to share a perplexing sight he witnessed from a plane window during a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne. The video showcases a dark night sky with the ground below resembling millions of scattered sticky notes or confetti.

Stewart’s caption reads: “Can somebody please tell me what these are? Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne.” Expressing either intrigue or slight panic, he adds, “SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE.”

TikTok users swiftly responded with a range of suggestions, including humorous remarks like “Post-it notes” and “giant confetti plants.” However, a prevailing explanation emerged from many users, suggesting that the peculiar patterns were, in fact, dragon fruit farms.

According to dragon fruit farmer Gary Lee, the dragon fruit plant flowers at night, and much of the farming, including hand-pollination, occurs from November to June. The presence of lights in the farms at night aligns with Stewart’s observations from the plane.

Despite this explanation, some users still found it challenging to reconcile the sight with dragon fruit farms, with one remarking, “My brain can’t do dragon fruit farms. lol. I see confetti.” Another user humorously suggested, “Could be dragon fruit farms or could be the world trying to render your fast travel speed.”

Ultimately, the breathtaking view from the plane window turned out to be an unexpected glimpse of dragon fruit farms, leaving viewers simultaneously bewildered and captivated by the surreal scene.


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