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Tiktok server sparks debate over tipping culture: $69 tips for 50 tables at golden corral buffet



A buffet employee’s Tiktok exposes the challenges of tipping in the service industry

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In the ongoing debate surrounding tipping culture, a TikTok video posted by a Golden Corral buffet employee, Brittany (@itsbrittanybitch255), has ignited discussions about the challenges servers face in the service industry. The video reveals the server’s earnings after attending around 50 tables during a shift.

Brittany began the video by giving viewers a glimpse into a day in her life as a server, shedding light on the difficulties faced in her workplace without explicitly naming the restaurant. Despite Brittany’s apparent hard work, the tips she received at the end of her shift left her disheartened.

The TikToker, raising awareness about tipping, shared the disappointing outcome of her day, emphasizing the struggle faced by servers in low-wage environments. She displayed tables strewn with scraps, expressing frustration at the lack of tips. Brittany claimed to have received no tips from over half the tables she served.

Brittany’s hourly rate, as she mentioned in the comments, is $2.13, which is the minimum wage for tipped employees. In total, she earned a meager $69 in tips during her shift.

While some viewers sympathized with Brittany’s plight, others debated whether tipping is customary at buffet-style restaurants like Golden Corral. One commenter argued that Golden Corral buffet workers do not provide the same level of service as traditional table-service restaurants, leading to differing expectations regarding tips.

Despite the varied opinions, many users expressed surprise at not being aware of the customary practice of leaving tips at buffets and pledged to be more mindful in the future.

As the debate continues, Brittany’s video highlights the challenges faced by service industry workers, especially in contexts where tipping norms may not be universally understood.


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