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TikTok fitness influencer’s raw meat breakfast sparks social media backlash



Mack Z’s unconventional protein shake leaves viewers in shock and awe

A TikTok fitness influencer known as Mack Z, under the handle @healthwmac, has ignited a social media storm after revealing her unconventional breakfast regimen featuring raw meat. In a video posted in November last year, Mack Z showcased her unique ‘optimal protein shake,’ leaving viewers both amazed and horrified.

The video begins with Mack Z confidently flexing her muscles before diving into the bizarre concoction. She starts by cracking three raw eggs into a blender, followed by a generous scoop of fat from a tub of bone broth, along with two scoops of the ‘gelatinous’ lower portion. Mack Z humorously notes, “Remember, if it jiggles, it’s good.”

The unconventional smoothie continues with the addition of Savor grass-fed unsalted butter, raw Cacao powder, Magnesium for post-gym recovery, honey for energy, salt for flavor, and kefir. The mixture is blended into a light brown liquid.

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To top off her unique breakfast, Mack Z adds a side of raw liver, leaving followers with an inspirational message before encouraging them to enjoy the meal.

While some users appreciated the influencer’s motivational speech, many expressed their aversion to her breakfast choice. Some remarked on the flawless appearance of Mack Z’s skin, while others couldn’t fathom drinking an “eggy beef jello smoothie.” Several users admitted to having visceral reactions and gagging at different steps of the process.

Nutrition experts have cautioned against adopting such a diet, emphasizing the lack of extensive research and the existence of well-established diets with proven benefits. Jacob Mey, a nutrition scientist and dietitian at Louisiana State University, stated, “We would typically not recommend the carnivore diet.”

As the post continues to draw attention, the debate over unconventional diets and their potential health implications gains momentum on social media.


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