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The sweet Elixir of longevity: 104-year-old credits Dr. Pepper for a happy life



Unconventional secret to a century-long journey unveiled

In a world dominated by advice on healthy eating and rigorous exercise for a longer life, Elizabeth Sullivan, a Texan who lived to the remarkable age of 106, revealed an unexpected secret to her longevity – three Dr. Peppers a day.

Sullivan, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, shared her fizzy tale of life before her passing in 2017. Despite the sugar-laden content of the popular soda, she attributed her prolonged lifespan to the beverage. Sullivan, who celebrated her 104th birthday in 2015, started her Dr. Pepper routine 40 years prior.

Speaking to Fort Worth’s CBS affiliate, she humorously remarked, “Every doctor that sees me says they’ll kill you, but they die and I don’t. So there must be a mistake somewhere.”

 In an interview with CNN the same year, Sullivan proudly declared her three-a-day Dr. Pepper habit, stating, “My body needs sugar, I don’t take any medication – they [medical professionals] still can’t find anything wrong with me.”

Sullivan, fondly remembered for her love of family, friends, parties, mystery novels, quadratic equations, musical theatre, writing poetry, and watching the Texas Rangers, passed away in November 2017. Her grandson, Rick Taylor, reflected on her life, saying, “She and my Granddad are reunited again, and together in a better place.”

Remarkably, Sullivan is not alone in crediting Dr. Pepper for a long life. Another centenarian, Eugene Peterson, a retired sergeant major who served in the Philippines and Vietnam, celebrated his 101st birthday enjoying his favorite tipple – Dr. Pepper.

While unconventional, these tales add a sweet twist to the pursuit of longevity, challenging conventional wisdom on healthy living.


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