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The curious case of Natalia Grace unfolds with a startling turn of events



New family drops shocking revelation after alarming Behaviour

In a jaw-dropping revelation on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace,” the new adoptive family of the girl accused of being a 22-year-old exposed their decision to cut ties with her due to concerning behavior.

The saga of Natalia Grace captured global attention in 2023, as the documentary chronicled her adoption by Michael and Kristine Barnett. The Barnetts alleged that the Ukrainian orphan, adopted in 2010, was not a six-year-old child but an adult impersonating a minor. They claimed Natalia had posed a threat, presenting alleged ‘evidence’ to support her older age.

Amidst legal battles resulting in a change of Natalia’s age to 22, the Barnetts moved to Canada, leaving her in an apartment. Charges against Kristine were dropped, and Michael was found not guilty of neglecting a dependent.

In the follow-up, “Natalia Speaks,” she accused her adoptive parents of ruining her life, setting the stage for the Mans family to adopt her in 2023. However, the latest episode reveals cracks in the newfound family dynamic.

Antwon and Cynthia Mans, Natalia’s new adoptive parents, expressed growing mistrust. Antwon voiced concern, stating, “Something ain’t right with Natalia. This girl is tweakin.” Cynthia echoed his sentiments, accusing Natalia Grace of undermining the family and claiming they held her hostage.

The revelation took a drastic turn when Antwon declared, “We’re done. We’re done with her.” The documentary hinted at Natalia’s story continuing, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

In an intriguing subplot, Natalia sought medical professionals to determine her true age. She admitted to telling people she was 22, attributing it to alleged training by Kristine to lie. Natalia condemned the age change as the ‘worst’ thing the Barnetts did, lamenting that she had trusted the family too quickly.

As the next episode’s release remains uncertain, “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace” keeps audiences hooked, unraveling a complex narrative of adoption, accusations, and family dynamics.


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