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The blind side drama: Tuohy family presents texts as ‘proof’ of Michael Oher’s alleged extortion attempt



Legal battle unfolds as Tuohy family shares text messages amidst claims of extortion and financial exploitation

The Tuohy family, known for their role in The Blind Side, has escalated their legal battle with NFL star Michael Oher by sharing text messages that they claim serve as ‘proof’ of Oher’s attempt to extort millions from them.

Oher, whose life inspired the 2009 movie, filed a lawsuit earlier this year accusing the Tuohys of exploiting him for financial gain. The retired NFL star alleged that he was misled into signing a conservator agreement, granting the Tuohys control over his finances. The family, in response, called Oher’s claims ‘hurtful and absurd.’

The conservatorship has since been terminated by a judge, but the legal tussle continues. Oher also claimed that the Tuohys received payment for their involvement in The Blind Side and used the film as a means to profit.

In response to Oher’s accusations, the Tuohys have presented text messages to TMZ, allegedly sent by Oher, indicating that he sought substantial financial compensation. One message reportedly stated, “If something isn’t resolved this Friday, I’m going to go ahead and tell the world, how I was robbed by my supposed to be [sic] parents.” The Tuohys claim that Oher initially demanded $50 million but later reduced the figure to $10 million, and eventually settled on $15 million ‘after taxes.’

The family contends that these messages prove Oher’s attempt to ‘shake them down’ for money. However, the Tuohys did not include their responses in the filings. Conflicting reports surround the earnings from The Blind Side, with the Tuohys asserting that Oher received 10 individual payments totaling $138,311. There are varying accounts of how much each family member received from the film.

As the legal dispute unfolds, Oher and the Tuohy family are yet to provide comments on the recent developments.


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