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Tesla’s Cybertruck: A menacing marvel or a road safety nightmare?



Elon Musk’s bold claims challenged as UK experts raise alarms over Cybertruck’s design

In the fast lane of technological innovation, Tesla’s Cybertruck has roared onto the scene, capturing headlines and fueling debates. However, as the dust settles, safety concerns are emerging among UK experts, challenging Elon Musk’s assertions about the Cybertruck’s invincibility.

Claiming victory in a hypothetical vehicular argument, Musk’s confidence clashes with experts who point fingers at potential dangers the Cybertruck may pose, not to its passengers, but to unsuspecting road companions.

At the heart of the controversy is the Cybertruck’s ‘ultra-hard stainless-steel’ body, a departure from the conventional ‘crumple zone’ safety feature found in many modern vehicles. This design choice raises eyebrows among safety advocates, as the absence of a crumple zone means that the force of impact may not be absorbed, potentially turning collisions into one-sided affairs.

David Friedman, former acting head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, warns that in a collision with a vehicle boasting a crumple zone, the Cybertruck’s rigidity may prove advantageous for its occupants but spell disaster for the other party.

The absence of a crumple zone isn’t the only cause for concern. Experts also sound the alarm about potential accidents involving pedestrians. The Cybertruck’s heavy and stiff metal exterior could pose a significant threat to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in its path.

Adrian Lund, former president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, highlights the potential for increased injury in pedestrian collisions due to the vehicle’s formidable stainless-steel structure.

Crash tests, a gold standard for evaluating vehicle safety, are looming over the Cybertruck. The European Union’s safety regulations, which restrict external vehicle protrusions, may pose a formidable hurdle for Tesla in selling the Cybertruck in Europe.

Expressing reservations, the European Transport Safety Council states, “We hope Tesla don’t bring this vehicle to Europe. A vehicle of this size, power, and huge weight will be lethal to pedestrians and cyclists in a collision.”

In the realm of automotive evolution, the Cybertruck’s audacious design has sparked a contentious dialogue on safety, leaving experts and enthusiasts alike on the edge of their seats.


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