Saturday, July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024

Tesla owner locked out of car over $26,000 battery replacement: Sparks controversy on TikTok



Tesla’s high battery replacement cost and technical issues leave owner fuming and raises concerns among users

A Tesla owner in Canada, Mario Zelaya, took to TikTok to express his frustration after being locked out of his $140,000 Tesla due to a dead battery. In the video, Zelaya revealed that the car had automatically locked itself, rendering manual entry impossible without power. His dismay escalated when he discovered that a new battery would cost him a staggering $26,000, leading him to label his Tesla a “piece of trash.”

In the video caption, Zelaya criticized the high cost of battery replacement and called for recalls, emphasizing the need for improvements. Frustrated with the situation, he decided to sell the car, but faced an additional hurdle as the proof of ownership papers were inside the locked vehicle. Ultimately, he paid $30 for a second copy of the ownership papers.

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Zelaya purchased the Tesla in 2013, and models from that year and 2014 are known to have issues related to fluid leaks onto the battery, causing significant problems. Zelaya reported the issue to Transport Canada, and he claimed that Tesla was attempting to downplay the problem. He also highlighted the lack of battery checks in Tesla services, contributing to the exacerbation of existing problems.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Zelaya stated, “I’ll never buy another Tesla again,” advising others to steer clear of the brand. His experience adds to a growing number of complaints about Tesla cars, prompting concerns about technical issues and replacement costs. Zelaya eventually sold the car, and the new owner reportedly plans to disassemble it to charge the vehicle.

As reports circulate about Tesla’s battery challenges, users are raising questions about the company’s response and the overall reliability of its vehicles.


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